Goals and objectives

Our Association shares with its members a vision that:

Strong Pasture Users' Unions and Pasture Commettees, supported by all stakeholders, are able to effectively manage pastures and support improved livelihoods for pasture users throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

This is our common vision and we will continually strive for it in the years to come. Our members have long experience of working with pasture users, and since the 2009 Law on Pastures, our members have gained considerable experience of pasture management and related issues under the new legal framework. As an association uniting our members, we are still young, and need to develop in many respects in order to meet our members’ needs and expectations. 

In recognition of this, during the period of this first strategic plan (2016-2020), we have agreed the following achievable goal for all the activities of the organization:

By 2020, our Association has become a strong and well-resourced organization, based on members with sustainable finance sources, who together and in collaboration with a wide range of partners are able to provide high-quality services to meet the needs of our members, and protect and promote the rights and interests of Pasture Users' Unions

In line with our goal, we have identified three objectives for the coming 5 years:

Objective 1: To strengthen the capacity of Pasture Users' Unions

Objective 2: To promote the rights and interests of Pasture Users' Unions

Objective 3: To strengthen the Association and Regional Associations of Pasture Users' Unions institutionally

This goal recognizes the importance of some key factors for our sustainability: finance, partnerships and capacities. Sustainable finance is essential for the Association and its members.

Regional Associations of Pasture Users' Unions are a key partner in our Association’s delivery of services and support to Pasture Users' Unions, so sustainable financing sources for Regional Associations of Pasture Users' Unionsas well as the Association is a priority for long-term sustainability beyond available donor funding. With regard to finance, the overall strategy is that our member Regional Associations of Pasture Users' Unions develop diverse sources of revenue from membership fees, paid services, business activities and donor funds. In this strategic plan period, supporting Regional Associations of Pasture Users' Unions to identify and develop these revenue sources will be a key priority for our Association. Previously, it was considered that our Association could generate revenue from seed production. After the strategic planning process, this is considered as a key option for Regional Associations of Pasture Users' Unions. our Association will develop diverse, alternative revenue streams. The funding strategy is elaborated in the Business Plan for 2016-2020.

Partnerships are also essential for our ability to meet members and beneficiaries’ needs. As a new association, we will need to consult, coordinate and collaborate with diverse partners at all levels in order to bring our strengths and the strengths of others into full play in service of our goal.

Strengthening capacities of our Association and our members and partners will be the central pillar of our strategy to achieve our goal.